Understanding Your Responsibilities As A Gun Owner

You'll need help understanding the complex and often confusing laws in Massachusetts regarding gun ownership, safe storage, transportation, and lawful use of firearms.

I can help you to become a safe and responsible gun owner!


Basic Accuracy Fundamentals

Basic pistol accuracy fundamentals can be one of the most difficult set of skills to acquire. I can help you become more proficient and accurate with your pistol.

About SFFI    Training

Safety First Firearms Instruction is all about a safe, fun, & educational experience learning to safely operate & store firearms with an NRA & Massachusetts state certified firearms Instructor. My mission is to help citizens become safe & responsible gun owners and to provide the highest level of quality firearms instruction.


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Certified Home Firearm Safety
Certified Basic Pistol
Certified Personal Protection
In The Home
Certified CCW Instructor
Certified Range Safety Officer
Massachusetts State Police
Certified Safety Instructor



"Dave is an excellent instructor. His course was very thorough and his passion for teaching others responsible gun ownership and handling shines through. Dave went above and beyond for my friends and I in his course and I left knowing that I learned from the best. I look forward to learning more from him in the future and I can’t recommend his services enough."

Keith Mingels